Thursday, October 8, 2009

An interview with Mari Eriksson...

Many of you are already familiar with the amazing photography of Mari Eriksson from her beautiful blog An Angel at My Table. If you haven't been to her inspiring blog before, you must visit it, as it is filled with one gorgeous picture after another!

I recently contacted Mari and asked her if she would be willing to do an interview for my little blog, because I am so enamored with her work and wanted to learn a little more about her...she very graciously agreed. Following is our interview and all photos in this post are Mari's spectacular work...

1. What inspires your photography and how did you get started in that career?

I get a lot of inspiration from the internet, from different blogs, flickr, etc. That was actually what got me started in the first place. We had just moved back to Sweden from Melbourne. The kids were small and we lived in a small, horrible apartment during the time we were looking for a house. I was on the internet the whole time to look for a house and found myself in this wonderful inspirational world of the blogs. You get easily sucked in! I had worked as a photo assistant for 5 years before the kids came, but I wasn't attracted to the fashion and commercial scene anymore that I had worked in previously. But then I realized I could work with the interior [decorating] that I also loved as a hobby.

2. What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment, I just finished a book about wedding crafts. My friend that I am doing the book with, has done all sorts of invitations, menues, and different ways of setting the table.

3. What trends in decorating are you liking and seeing right now?

The trend with everything white that has been big in Scandinavia is now more and more being combined with industrial and retro styles. The two styles go lovely together. I have also always loved a lot of color on a white canvas...where most of the furniture is white but you then decorate with colorful stuff. I like to mix new pieces with old finds.

4. Do you have a favorite photograph you have taken, or project that you have worked on?

Lena Ihrman's home that I show on my blog is still one of my favorite houses that I have shot. Favorite picture...I don't know. But I really like doing the inspirational pieces that I do for Swedish magazines because then you really show your style and use the stuff you like rather than when you are shooting a home and use only their stuff. I will try to show some current projects I am working on on my blog soon. Stay tuned...

5. How do you "juggle" all that you having going on in your life?

I am really lucky to have a husband that works from home and helps me a lot with the kids! He takes them to swimming lessons, drops them off and picks them up from school and so on...he also is the technical support and admin at "Mari Eriksson Photography." I am very fortunate to have a job I love and we both work from home so we see each other always, even though we both travel a lot with our work! We are always at liberty to do what we want.

Dear Mari, thank you again so very much for sharing a little about yourself with me and my blog readers, you are too kind!!!

Blessings for a happy, restful, and enjoyable long weekend to all of you my sweet friends!!!