Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bathed in Light...

I could've called this post Switcheroo Part II, but what fun would that be?!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed their Valentine's day with those you love most in the world!

This room does in fact get an amazing amount of light all afternoon!  I played around with my camera settings a bit, thanks to the fabulous tips from my resident photography friend, Traci ...and I am loving the results!  I didn't do any editing at all this time around and relied only on what the camera could do...thank you Traci for the tips and the help!!!  Who knew all of those buttons actually did something important :)

The "bones" of this room are pretty much in place, but I still have some vignettes to work inspiration was coming to me in some areas of the room, so I thought I would just wait it me something to blog about in another post, right?! :)

I had the privilege and the joy of meeting some truly kindred spirits this weekend at Jen's Bloggy Girl's Get Together!!!  How wonderful it was to spend time meeting fellow bloggers...everyone was so kind and fun and I loved every minute of our get together!!!  And were a fabulous host and we all so thoroughly enjoyed your home and your hospitality!!!  Looking forward to the next one girls! :)

...wishing everyone a happy new week!  I'm off to watch a movie with my sweetie...