Monday, July 26, 2010

Kim Klassen

Happy Monday everyone!  Today I am featuring artist Kim Klassen.  I first discovered Kim only a few months ago, thanks to my friend Traci.  Traci sent me a link to Kim's blog on one of the {many} days Kim was giving away a free download for one of her incredible textures.

I was instantly hooked on her blog!!!  Her photography is beautiful!  I love how Kim finds beauty in her everyday the simple things...and also how she incorporates a lot of vintage pieces into her pictures.  It is a treat for me to look at her work and spend time on her I wanted to share her talents with all of you in case you have never been to her blog before.

A little sampling of Kim's gorgeous photography...

Kim makes her own Photoshop textures and sells them on her blog.  I have bought some from her and absolutely love them! 

Kim also has an upcoming stay-cation that she will be sharing on her blog.  I asked her to give me a little write up on it for my post is how she described her stay-cation:

"Inspiration stay-cation has been an idea in my head for months. And just recently it revealed itself to me as i was pondering our summer plans. Or i should say lack of summer plans.  i thought to myself, seeing as we are going nowhere this summer, i will have to plan a stay-cation. And honestly that was that. The light bulb came on. I decided i would like to share a week of fun and creativity with my amazing blogging friends. Then i thought it would be nice to invite some of my friends to contribute. And my oh my, so many people have agreed to pop over and share. The week will consist of a variety of inspiration, from writing, to art, to photography, creative parenting, story telling, photoshop fun, challenges.... all kinds of stay-cation goodness."


So if you would like to get inspired, find Photoshop tutorials, learn how to use textures, and so much more, head on over to Kim Klassen Cafe

**All photos featured in this post were taken by Kim Klassen**

Enjoy the start to your week!!!