Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A friend for lunch ~

Hello!  Is anyone else shocked at how fast the Summer is going??!!  I can hardly believe the kids will be going off to school in 2 weeks!  Things have been so busy around here lately, that I can hardly catch my breath some days :)

So, when I set a date to have a friend over for lunch the other day, I decided that I would make an effort to create a special little space for us to catch up in and slow down for a little while...

I set up a garden inspired space for us in the bay window in my studio.  It was the perfect spot to enjoy a few hours!  I added some paper butterflies to the curtains to add to the" summery" atmosphere, and dragged my favorite old birdcage in to the studio as well...adding some flowers to it...

I'm still on my vintage map kick, so I used those plus some fresh herbs from the garden to top the plates.  Lavender and mint both last a long time without being in water, so they are good choices for something like this...

Raspberry lemonade and sparkling wine made the afternoon seem festive!

And fresh flowers are always a must.  I grow these gomphrena fireworks flowers every year and I love them!  They are a very long lasting cut flower and even survived in the birdcage all day with no water at all!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

:) Tracey