Sunday, August 29, 2010

Herbed Vinegar

Hello my friends!  I've missed you!!!  I thought I would get a jump start on the week and put a quick post up.  I can't really say that I got all that much accomplished during my little break from blogging, but at least my kids are settled back in to school and we are working on establishing a new routine for the year.  Caighton, of course, is still at home with me all day.

This little corner is technically in my studio, but it is really more a part of a pass through between the kitchen and dining room.  It changes all the most of the rest of my house! :)

A few issues back, in the Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine, they featured make-your-own herbed vinegar.  It sounded interesting to me, and since I have an abundance of herbs in the garden, I thought I would give it a try...

It was so easy and you can use whatever herbs are plentiful at the time you make it...which for me, were basil and thyme. 

It has been such a hot summer here this year, so I have not been out in my garden nearly as much as I would have liked, but I can always count on my herbs to manage without a lot of fussing from me.

 I also added lemon and garlic for flavor.  All that is required, is adding your ingredients to a clean jar and letting it sit in a sunny windowsill for a few weeks.  Easy!


I am trying to enjoy all that the garden has to offer before summer is gone.  I love using the goodness of the garden in how I decorate as well...

...and naturally, that includes fresh flowers...

I think that is what I will miss the most when summer is over...being able to dash outside on any given day and pick fresh flowers for the house...

Oh, and this lovely vintage French bottle's another item I snagged from my friend Maria's soon-to-open shop...I LOVE it! :)))

Happy new week!!!