Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Fall Cocktail

Hello!  I thought I would try a little something different today...instead of a table setting, I thought I would share my dining room buffet done up to serve cocktails instead!

This is my favorite Fall drink to serve and it is super easy!  You can even serve it warm if you'd like, but I prefer it chilled...

Fall Cocktail

1 cup apple cider

splash of pomegranate juice

splash of rum

Combine ingredients and ice in a cocktail shaker and mix.  If desired, warm apple cider and pomegranate juice first, pour in a glass, and then stir in a shot of rum and serve.

See, super easy!  And it's delicious!!

I used my hydrangeas leaves again, to coordinate with the red in the drinks, and I even used the red striped runner I bought from Maria...I have been jokingly asking her to teach me how to use red for awhile now, since she is so good at adding red to her white decor...

I felt a little like things looked too Christmasy once I downloaded my pictures, but oh you have a Christmas cocktail too :))

You know my love for using herbs, well this is just some of my lemon thyme tied up with a short strip of burlap...I love lemon thyme because it always smells so pretty and it turns this gorgeous color in the Fall!

This wonderful serving tray is something that my sister found for me at Goodwill.  I just adore the patina on it and the beautiful handles...I think it was $3!

My last little tip is using these wide mouth mason jars as candle holders...just slide a basic white pillar candle in them and they make a vintage inspired and inexpensive candle holder.

On another note, I wanted to share with all of you a really special upcoming Christmas event...

Do you remember *this post* when I headed out to Tipton, Indiana to photograph the French Flea Market event?  And then I gushed on and on *here* about how awesome Horton's, the store that hosted the event, was???

Well, I will be headed back to Tipton to attend their Christmas Open House, and I can't wait!!!  Donna is so incredibly talented at creating the coolest displays...I just know she will dazzle me with all of her Christmas ingenuity!!!

If you are anywhere at all in the Chicago/Indiana area, I would most definitely recommend this event, as Horton's is one of the most interesting and fun stores I have ever had the pleasure of stepping into...

Happy Halloween!  Have a great weekend!!


p.s.  I had to laugh after I downloaded all of my pictures for this post, because you can vaguely see me and my dining room reflected in all of the glasses as I took my pictures {at least I know they were clean} :))  Sorry if it's a little distracting to the picture!