Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Texture lovin...

{peeling paint}

Happy Tuesday!  Today I am linking up with the fabulous Kim Klassen and her Texture Tuesday Blog Party.

I have not been in Photoshop to "play around" in quite some time, so I thought this would be a great chance to get in there and have a little fun :))


We are supposed to show you our favorite textured photo {using some of Kim's amazing textures}, however, once I started editing and playing with my photos, I had a hard time choosing which exactly was my favorite...so I figured I would just show you all of the images I altered yesterday!

I've noted which of Kim's texture I used under each picture.


Sometimes I left the texture at close to 100% for an obvious look, and other times I dialed it way down for a more subtle look...I like having a mix of both...

I would love to know which is your favorite?






{warm sun}

{warm grunge}

{warm sun}


{burnt edges}

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Have a great day!