Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello!  Is anyone else as shocked as I am at how fast the Summer is going??!!  I do hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Summer!  It has been hot here in the Midwest and we have been busy busy with swimming lessons, activities, and trying to soak up as much fun out of this glorious time of year as we can before the school year starts back up again!!

I have continued to take photographs outside and decided to retake some of the product shots for my SHOP recently...

These photos were taken down by the creek at the local forest preserve...I am really having fun taking outside pictures so you will continue to see more from me :))

Caighton was my little helper on some of the pictures!

And, if you have not had a chance to order the next issue of the beautiful Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine, it will be here soon and you can order it **HERE**

Wishing you a great rest of your week!!!