Monday, August 1, 2011

Rainier Cherries A Summertime Treat

Good morning!  Just a few pretty cherry pictures for you on this Monday morning :)  One of my favorite Summertime treats is Rainier Cherries!  I could seriously eat a whole container of them one sitting!  They also happen to be one of the prettiest fruits to photograph...

My little ones love the Efferve sparkling lemonade from France that Whole Foods sells...and as a special treat for Summer, I pit a few cherries {leaving the stems on} and float them in the lemonade...

{I will show you what I do with the empty French bottles in an upcoming post}

What is your favorite Summertime treat?


p.s.  And I almost forgot {again} to announce the winner of the beautiful Luella dress from Jeanne Oliver's Laurie from Heaven's Walk!  Congratulations Laurie!!!  And a big thank you to everyone who participated!