Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wandering the Streets of Paris

Bonjour!  Aside from the flea markets, my favorite thing to do in Paris is to simply wander the streets and observe, soak in, and enjoy the beauty that is everywhere!  My husband and I spent MANY hours walking around during our trip.  The mornings were a bit brisk, but every afternoon was bright sunshine and in the 60's...perfect!

It is a daunting task to come home with sooo many photos and then try and narrow down which ones I should share here on my I decided to just pull a random sampling of our excursions for now, and maybe a bit later I will show you some more...

The cafes are an integral part of the Parisienne lifestyle and such a wonderful part of being in Paris.  I never got tired of sitting down for a cafe au lait and listening to the "French chatter" all around me.  I was beyond thrilled that one of the cafes right near our hotel served decaf cafe au lait!  Seriously, I was ecstatic!  I gave up caffeine earlier this year as it was causing all kinds of problems for me, so I thought I was going to have to forgo my beloved lattes while in Paris...nope...we went twice a day to get a decaf cafe au lait they were so good :))


The sky was an amazing color of blue on this particular day and clear as could be!  This is outside of Eglise Saint-Sulpice.  I always feel it is a very special part of our trips to be able to visit some of the beautiful, old churches that are in Europe.  I took a few pictures inside the church even though it was very dark {I did not use flash}...


{Yes, I did stand in the middle of Champs-Elysees avenue to get this picture of the Arc De Triomphe!}

The only disappointment of our trip, was when we went to the Musee d'Orsay and discovered that it was closed due to a strike!  Next time!!

Toting my camera around, I looked like a total tourist the whole time we were in Paris and I don't care...if you have a passion for photography like I do, there is simply no better place on earth to be than in Paris!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in my trip with me!

:) Tracey