Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mom's influence

Hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!  Yesterday we went over to my mom's house for Memorial Day and to celebrate her birthday...today is her actual birthday...

while I was there I snapped a few pictures of her lovely guest bedroom as the sun was streaming in...

My mom's style is more traditional than mine, but our love of decorating is the same!  I always say that I inherited the "decorating gene" from my mom...and I am so grateful that I did :))

I also inherited my love for changing and rearranging the house from my mom...in high school it was not uncommon to come home from school and find the furniture rearranged in any given room!  As of late, it is bedding and curtains that my mom loves to switch out.  She has a wonderful eye for colors and patterns and how to make a room interesting.

I love that my mom and I have the connection of decorating.  She will often call me up just to talk about something that she changed out in one of her rooms...and I think that's so fun!

In short, my mom taught me how to decorate...how to have a love of my home and a passion for making it a special place for me and my family...

...and I consider that a very special gift!

Thank you mom for all that you do for me.  Happy Birthday, I love you!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Na-Da Farm Sale Part Two

As promised, I am back with just a few more pictures from Anne Marie's amazing sale...the Na-Da Farm Barn Sale...

I will keep the chit chat short and get right to the pictures! :))

This is Diane Passi's booth...many of the great farm tables and cool industrial pieces in my home have come from Diane, so I am thrilled to get to show you some of her amazing items {you can find her every month at the Kane County Flea Market}...

On Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending one of Jeanne's art classes.  While I'm no artist, I did have a wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable time with some very special women!!!  Jeanne is so very talented and just simply a joy to be around!  Her class was not only fun, but I actually was able to complete the art project with the help of her easy to follow directions!  If you ever get the chance to take one of Jeanne's classes, I know you will love it!!

I was lucky enough to sit next to some blog friends who I finally got to meet in person at the sale...

{photo courtesy of Sheila, pictured Leah, Jeanne, and Sheila}

...seriously two of the nicest people I have ever met!  Leah and Sheila had dinner with Traci and I on Friday night as well, and it was so great to get to know these two lovely women a little bit better!

I wish I had a picture with Anne Marie, but at the end of the weekend, I realized that with all of the activity going on, I unfortunately didn't have one...next time Anne Marie :))

You can view a complete list of the May vendors ***HERE*** with link backs to their blog or shops, if you would like to know more about the amazingly talented people that were at this show!

The next Na-Da Farm Sale will be in October!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Na-Da Farm Sale Part One

This past weekend was the Na-Da Farm Barn Sale and oh boy was it an amazing weekend!!!

It started out on Friday afternoon with this beautiful girl picking me up...

...we then headed out to Anne Marie's breath taking farm...

The lighting was sometimes challenging for taking good pictures, but I hope I am able to convey a little bit of the magic that was so apparent when you went to this sale in person.

Anne Marie and all of the vendors did an amazing, amazing job with the displays!!!  There was such a great mix of art, clothing, jewelry, bags...and lots and lots of vintage everything!

Of course, what made the weekend truly special was that it was shared with some wonderful friends...

{traci, jeanne, jen, me, and beth...thank you to jen's mom for taking the picture}

If you are wondering about the outfits, well, Friday night there was a Boho Ball theme...I chose to wear the new dress I had just received in the mail from Jeanne's beautiful new line instead of going with the theme {I didn't have anything Bohemian :)}

I was lucky enough to have Jeanne and Beth stay at my house Saturday night.  It just simply made the whole weekend!  I think Jeanne is the funniest person I know...and hanging out with all of those girls pictured above, I laughed til it hurt...more than I have in ages...and had a truly great weekend!!!

I still have many more pictures to share, so please stop back on Thursday morning for Part Two!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fifi and Mark's visit...

Good morning!  I wanted to share a bit about the wonderful experience I had with Fifi and Mark coming to my home this past Monday.  Even though this was the second time they have been to my house, I was still a bit nervous...but as soon as the day was under way, I quickly got over my nerves and started having fun!  That's the best part about working with these two amazingly talented people...

...they are truly a joy to work with...and just so much fun!!!  It made all of the work of cleaning and prepping so worth it! :)

Here is a cute photo of Fifi...

As I mentioned before, they shot my house for Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine...as well as a few other publications {more on that later}, so it was a very busy day!  I loved being a part of the whole process and found it so interesting to observe Mark's  incredible photography skills and to see how good Fifi is at making sure we got just the right shot!!  Watching Mark work makes me want to try harder at improving my photography skills...something I have been getting a little lazy with...I really do love the art of photography!

All in all, I feel truly blessed to have had Fifi and Mark come to my home and it is a day I will always remember!

The day started just before 10 am, but I had been up since 5:30 with nervous energy, so I snapped a few photos before Fifi and Mark arrived...it's not often my whole house is clean all at once :))

This old farm table is one I bought from the flea market and painted, using it to replace the smaller table we had been using as a desk in our bedroom...I kept the accessories simple so that there was still plenty of work surface available for when my husband needs to do a little computer work from home.

Fifi and Mark will be at the Na-Da Farm Barn Sale this Friday and Saturday to sign their first book together, Romantic Prairie Style...

I myself can't wait to go!!!  I will also be taking Jeanne's art class on Saturday afternoon at the sale, so I will be sure and take some pictures to share of everything going on...

I hope you all have a great weekend!