Friday, October 28, 2011

The Golden Hour in Paris

Good morning! 

There is a term in photography called the golden hour...the first and last hour of sunlight in the day...and it can be quite magical.

I was lucky enough to capture a little bit of the golden hour while in Paris last week.. 

The first day my husband and I were there we were leisurely walking along the River Seine, near Notre Dame, on our way to dinner and I was eager and quite happy to be snapping some pictures...

{the back side of Notre Dame}

It was evening and, at first, it was clear, warm, and I started shooting into the sun as I love the effect it gives to pictures...

But as we kept walking, many streets were beginning to darken and the sunlight was fading...

All of a sudden, I noticed that the light was really changing...the last rays of sunshine cast a golden glow wherever they managed to still appear amongst the shadows of surrounding buildings...


Before I knew it, the sky was a spectacular shade of pink...and there in the distance was the Eiffel Tower...

None of these photos have been enhanced in Photoshop, this is truly how gorgeous the city looked at this brief moment in time!!  We were in the right place at the right time and I felt completely blessed to be there...

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn in Paris

Bonjour!  I'm back from an all too quick 6 days in Paris.  There were signs of Autumn everywhere in Paris and it made a beautiful city even more spectacular!! 

 I am way behind on emails, laundry, sleep and just about everything else, but it was sooooo worth it :)  I can't wait to show you everything I brought back for the shop...I am SO excited about it...lots of my favorites...vintage maps, letters, linens, dishes, documents, French laundry labels and more!  I will try and get as much as I can photographed and loaded on the website over the weekend and early next week.

I have a lot of pictures to go thru and am anxious to share them with you...but for now, I will just give you a peek at the Autumn color in Paris...and I will be back Friday morning with more pictures of my favorite city...

Au revoir!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Vintage Tea Collection...and I'm off to Paris!!!

Happy Thursday!  My good friend Jennifer Rizzo launched her fall collection this week and she has truly outdone herself!!!

I would love for you to head over to her etsy shop and check out all of the wonderful items in her new Vintage Tea Collection

You can also view her beautiful Look Book  *HERE*

In honor of her new collection, Jen is having one heck of a giveaway!!!

Here are the goodies you could win:

The Nesting Giveaway

a vintage picnic basket filled to the brim with goodies:

1- in flight pillow cover

1-white linen La Parisien pillow cover

3-number towels

3-french inspired tea towels

3-tea time tea towels

1-set of vintage inspired cloth napkins

1-hat and fingerless glove set

1-set (4) of tea plates

1-set(2) of vintage ironstone mugs

1-vintage book

organic tea

lavender sugar

and that's not all...the winner will also receive a  $100 gift certificate to her shop {good towards any of her lovely jewelry}!!!

To enter Jen's giveaway go  *HERE* 
{contest ends on Monday}

To visit Jen's etsy shop go *HERE*

{images 1 - 6 courtesy of Jennifer Rizzo}

And yes, my husband and I head to Paris today! I am so excited to head back to Paris!!! I have my flea market schedule all mapped out and I hope to bring back lots of goodies...including some for the shop as well.

I will be back at the end of next week with lots of pictures :)


Monday, October 17, 2011

{jewelry love}

Happy Monday!  I have a wonderful new line of jewelry that I will be carrying in the SHOP is all made by my talented sister.  My sister Kara has been making beautiful jewelry for years now and I am so happy to be able to start offering some of her amazing vintage pieces in my shop! 

All of the jewelry is made almost exclusively with vintage elements.  My sister loves to shop the flea markets like I do and is always coming home with great new vintage elements that inspire her pieces.  For example, the bracelet above features rare glass clock face beads made in Northern Bohemia between 1914 and 1945.  I love this bracelet! 

Items in this line feature vintage ~ pearl, metal and glass buttons, watch parts, czech fire polished beads, pins, broaches, and various other unique vintage necklace parts

Look for additional pieces to be added to this collection, especially over the next month!

Have a great day!!!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Na-Da Farm Sale

Oh my, where has the week gone??!  I can't believe it is Thursday already and I am just now posting pics from Anne Marie's beautiful barn sale!

The vendors both inside the barn and out did a spectacular job and everything looked truly amazing!!!  Plus, the weather was gorgeous the entire weekend which is always a plus!

So, without further delay, here are some pics of the fabulous Na-Da Farm Barn Sale...

{the first 6 images are of my good friend Jen's incredible space inside the barn!}

I snapped the picture of this cabinet below while the vendor was still setting up, but it is the only clean shot of this cabinet that I have so I wanted to include it with the pics..I loved this cabinet and really wanted to bring it home with me, but didn't...oh well :)

And, of course, the highlight of my weekend was getting to spend so much time with my beautiful friend Jeanne...

Have a great weekend!