Thursday, January 12, 2012

Colored Glass love

Good morning!  I'm finally back with a new post!  I have been trying to load pictures for this post for 2 days now, with no luck!  So I finally gave up and am using my husband's laptop to write my post.  Hopefully I will figure out the problem soon and be back on my own laptop {I am so not techy!}.

Today day I wanted to share with you a very simple idea, but one that I often use when I want an instant pick-me-up in my decorating...colored glass...

A great way to brighten any room, especially during the long Winter months, is to use colored glass.  It is especially pretty near a window where the available light will make the glass come to life.

Of course, these bottles would look wonderful with fresh flowers in them, but they are also lovely all on their own.  During the Winter months, when I don't have fresh flowers readily available from my garden, I like to set up small vignettes showcasing my colored glass pieces...

Here I took a Vintage French Bottle Carrier and filled it with a few of my favorite things.  Starting with these beautiful green beer bottles...

Since our last trip to Paris, my husband has taken to drinking the French beer Kronenbourg 1664.  Well, I noticed what a pretty color the bottles were and started saving them.  I do absolutely love vintage glass bottles...but I just couldn't ignore the appeal of these straight from the grocery store beer bottles.  Besides, they are French bottles after all, right?!  Ha :))  And you can't beat the price.  At any rate, I really like how the bottles have the 1664 embossed into the glass.

I also added a few of my favorite things to the bottle carrier, in addition to the colored bottles, just for fun...

{Antique French Letter Bundle}

I adore these little white latte bowls from Anthropologie and use then all the time...and the cafe spoons I picked up in Paris.

So, for a quick and easy pick-me-up in your Winter decorating, try using a little colored glass around your home!

Enjoy your day!!