Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Studio Gets a little Redo


I'm sorry for such a long break in between posts, but I have had a project I needed to get done and my two younger kids were sick last week, as well.

While my husband was off of work between Christmas and New Year, I had him give my studio a fresh coat of white paint...

He also built me a basic shelving unit {entirely out of salvaged wood}, so that I would have some additional storage...

I wanted a place to hold all of my vintage crates, since I thought they would be great for storing supplies for my shop...

{This room gets amazing light all morning thanks to the large bay window}

I wanted this room to better serve as a photography studio, in addition to being the place that I pack all of my orders, so I brought the farm table from the family room that the kids were using for crafts in here {the family room is undergoing some changes too ~ more on that soon}.

I also reconfigured the garage doors to be together in the corner of the room, giving me a nice backdrop to photograph into.  I  flipped the doors around so that the "ickier" side was facing out, but I gave them a coat of grey paint and now I love them!

I had my husband nail a large branch to the top of one of the garage doors so that I could hang things from it.  He also helped me make small hanging votives out of small mason jars and wire.  I plan to add a few more branches, but right now the ground is covered in snow, so that will have to wait a bit :)

Simple but functional, what more could a girl ask for?!

:) Tracey