Monday, February 27, 2012

Sneak Peek of Family Room

Good morning!

I had intended to have my whole family room ready to go by now, but last week my 4-year-old was very sick.  She had a bad cold and wound up with an ear infection and pneumonia, and with my husband being out of town all guessed it...I didn't get anything done!  I was so worried about poor Caighton that I couldn't think straight anyway.

Fortunately, Caighton is feeling much better now and definitely on the mend!  I do have just a few pics to share with you today...

I pretty much have all of the furniture where I want it, I just need to go around the room and infuse some "Spring" into the room.  I started with these pretty little heather plants.

Below, I tried to get the large antique mirror that is in my foyer in the shot, as I don't think I have ever shown it to you.  I bought it just before we built our house 8 years was my first attempt at "adding character" to our new home...

I LOVE that this room is bathed in light all afternoon and evening!

Sorry, that's all I have for now...

Enjoy your Monday!!