Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cafe au lait and Dreaming of France

{from our April 2010 Paris trip}

What has been your secret for getting thru the long winter??

Mine has been dreaming, planning, and making our travel plans for the upcoming year!  I jokingly say that sipping  a cafe au lait and making our travel plans for the year has become a favorite pass time for my husband and I!  It's what keeps me going when it's gloomy and cold and I am stuck in the house for endless winter days.

My first stop is actually coming up in a little over a best friend, Natasha, and I are going for a long "girl's weekend" to Savannah!

{Springtime in Savannah via *here*}

I would love any tips or suggestions for where to go while in Savannah, as it will be both Natasha and my first trip there!  We are staying right in the Historic District and hope to visit many of the cute vintage shops in that area.  Do any of you have a favorite??

Then in May, Steve and I are headed back to our beloved Paris!!

I can't wait to wander the streets of Paris again...

{from our October 2011 Paris trip} soak in the beautiful architecture, sit at the cafes, and, of course, shop at the flea markets {oh how I love the French flea markets!}...

However, this time we will be heading to Belgium beforehand and then taking the train down to Paris.  This will be our first trip to Belgium, so we will be staying in both Brussels and Brugge.  Brussels is supposed to have amazing flea markets, so I am very excited to go there :))

And, Brugge is known as the Venice of the North and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe...

{Brugge via *here*}

{via Daily Travel Photos which has amazingly beautiful photos from all over the world}

We also have a second trip to Europe planned for September.  Everything books up so quickly, so we have all plans for that trip booked already as well.  

First stop will be Turin, Italy...

{Turin via *here*}

Turin was Italy's first capital and is a major city in Italy, so it will give us a good feel for Italian city life and culture.  It also hosts one of the Top 10 European Flea Markets!  I found a lovely blog post about Turin {Torino in Italian} *HERE* . There is so much of Italy I want to see, but we felt like this would be a good start for us.

Plus, Turin is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the beautiful Piedmont Wine Country, which we definitely plan to spend time in...

{Piedmont wine country via *here*}

After Turin, we will take the train into France and stay for 5 days in Provence!!

After much research, we have booked our stay in this lovely vintage stone farmhouse just outside of Arles, France...Mas Du Petit Grava...

Photos of Mas Du Petit Grava, Arles
{This photo of Mas Du Petit Grava is courtesy of TripAdvisor}

Photos of Mas Du Petit Grava, Arles
{This photo of Mas Du Petit Grava is courtesy of TripAdvisor}

We will be renting a car for our stay in Provence so that we can explore as much of the countryside as possible and hit all of the incredible flea markets that this area is known for, including, Arles, Avignon, and Isle sur la Sorgue.

Then we will be heading up to Paris so that I can meet up with my good friend Jeanne!  While our husbands head home, Jeanne and I will head into the French countryside near Evreux to stay in Sharon's charming guest cottage.  Sharon writes the wonderful blog My French Country Home!

Here are some pictures of her lovely guest cottage...

You can view many more gorgeous photos and find out more about Sharon's home, garden, and guest cottage *HERE*

Sharon will be our personal tour guide for two of the days Jeanne and I will be in the French countryside, taking us to all of her favorite brocante stops!   Can't wait to meet you Sharon!!

Phew!  I think that's it!!  So now you know what has kept me busy this winter and gotten me thru the long months of January and February.  If you detected a theme, that is because flea marketing is definitely at the heart of our travels.  My husband and I have fallen in love with France and the old architecture of Europe, so we plan to keep going back again and again...and along the way, I am building and shaping new plans for my business.  I hope to continue to bring back wonderful finds to share with all of you in my shop.  It is a great joy for me to share with all of you my love for all things vintage!

Have a great day and thank you so much for stopping by!


p.s.  *this* stainless steel stove top espresso maker and *this* milk frother make the best cafe au lait right at home...