Monday, March 26, 2012

A little Spring Magic


I hope everyone has been experiencing the incredible Spring weather that we have been having here in the Midwest.  I told my children that they will be talking about this March for the rest of their lives, as it is the warmest, nicest March we have ever had!!  And I have been loving it.

It has inspired me to bring a little of that outdoor magic into our family room...

I loved how my friend Jen used vintage botanical prints recently while shooting her new Spring line.  I bought these prints last Summer at the flea market and Jen inspired me to pull them out and use them to help create some Spring magic.

I also cut some flowering Pear branches from my yard.  I still can't believe that so much is in bloom's crazy to have blooms on this tree in March!

I had to strategically photograph this room because I recently had an electrician put recessed lighting in and one of the walls and the ceiling had to be torn up to do that.  We got the holes patched up, but my husband had to leave for Hong Kong on business before we could get those areas repainted. 

This room is still a bit of a work in progress, but I love having the burst of Spring happiness in here right now :)

My mom had the great idea to hang the window that used to be propped up in the corner of the room horizontally on the wall above the daybed.  I am really liking it like this.  Thank you mom for all of your help in arranging this room!

My sister found the vintage wedding veil at the thrift store and I just thought it looked pretty hanging on the window...

For the top of the entertainment center, I filled some of my vintage Ball jars with pear blossoms, added some mini clay pots, and brought out a few of my vintage cloches, and spring-inspired items... 

This gorgeous weather has my little Caighton confused...she thinks it is Summer already and has been walking around the house in her bathing suit, wearing her goggles, and begging to go to the pool :))

Wishing you a happy, sun-filled week!!