Thursday, April 12, 2012

lilacs and Salvaged Wood Projects

Happy Thursday!

I can never get enough of lilacs when they are in season...I just love them so much!  But, sadly, they do not last long.  I do have a Miss Kim lilac bush that always blooms later than the traditional lilac bushes, so at least I will get a whole new bunch of fragrant blooms again here in a few weeks!!

I am also anxiously waiting for my lily of the valley to bloom! :)

I was inspired recently by all of the painted white fruit crates at Anthropologie.  I wanted to try and make my own version, so I asked my husband for a little help in turning one of our remaining pallets {left over from a shipment from Europe} into this handy little storage box!  

{you can see the table we made out of an old pallet, *HERE*, in my dining room post and the salvaged wood desk we built for my daughter, *HERE*}

Steve pried up the boards off of the pallet and then I sanded the rough wood down a bit and gave them a quick swipe with some white paint.  I kept all of the original nail holes as I love the rustic quality of the wood, and I used minimal paint so as not to hide the wonderful exposed wood grain.

After a few quick cuts {hubby handled that part}, we fired up the nail gun {those things scare the heck out of me but they sure are handy} and were ready to assemble the extremely simple design we chose for this box/tray!!

For a little added interest, I glued one of the vintage French labels I brought back from the Paris flea markets last October onto the front of the box...

I'm so happy with how it turned out, that I think I will make another one in a slightly different shape!

I plan to use this one in the kitchen, but I shot it in my studio for better lighting at that time of day.

...and a little Photoshop fun...

{need help learning how to use Photoshop and textures, visit Kim Klassen, she really does have a wealth of knowledge on her site}

Enjoy your weekend!!  

I am headed to Savannah for 4 days with my best friend this weekend :)