Monday, June 4, 2012

Brugge Part Two

Happy Monday!

I had planned to post these last few pictures from our trip to Brugge last week, but my son wound up being really sick and that threw a wrench in all of my plans for the week.  He had this crazy high fever for 5 days and missed the whole last week of school...strange thing was, he had no other symptoms but the fever and generally feeling icky.  My youngest daughter now has it, but doesn't seem to be quite as bad, fortunately!!

At any rate, I did want to show you some of the pics I snapped along the water in Brugge.  

Brugge is sometimes referred to as, "The Venice of the North," due to the many buildings built along the winding canals...and it is so lovely...

If you ever make it to Belgium, I can't recommend this quiet, peaceful, almost perfectly preserved city enough!

A special thank you to Annelies for the many emails she generously sent to me outlining her favorite spots in Brugge!!  Annelies writes the beautiful blog Le ciel Flamand

You can view Brugge Part One *HERE*

Have a wonderful rest of your day ~