Monday, June 11, 2012

Flea Market Finds...Another Vintage Door

Hello Friends!

Last summer I started a little series about Flea Market Finds and I thought I would continue it this summer, since shopping at the flea market is one of my favorite things to do :))

You can find an example of last summer's finds *HERE*

I was so excited to find this fabulous "chippy" door at the flea market last weekend!!

...and the best part is, it has not one, but two cool sides...

I can decide which side to show depending on how I have the room decorated :)

Oh, and that great vintage New York crate with the dried prairie florals in it, I got that from Lisa over at  The Frenchman's Wife...I showed you her booth at the flea market last year.  Well, she just opened up an amazing new shop in La Grange, IL.  I was there last week and snapped a few photos and will share those with you in a few days!

I love using cubes of Savon de Marseille soap around the house, they are like little works of art :)

And on a different note, I am busy tucking small bundles of fresh lavender here and there around the house as it is now in bloom in my garden...

As always, I did seal the door by brushing on a coat of matte finish, water based polyurethane {available at most hardware stores}

Have a wonderful day!

BTW, which side of the door do you like best...the green and white or the blue???  Just curious...