Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eygalieres, France

While in the south of France, I constantly felt surrounded by beauty!  But when Steve and I stumbled upon the village of Eygalieres, I was completely charmed.

When we first arrived, it was late afternoon and the sun was bright and warm and cast a beautiful golden glow on the rugged stone buildings.  The sky was also a spectacular shade of blue and there wasn't a cloud to be seen!

Eygalieres is set below the Alpilles.  The main part of the village is absolutely darling, extending up a long spur of rock.

At the top of the village, stand the ruins of a castle.  It was there that we spent most of our time.

We found ourselves quite alone in this quiet, peaceful spot, and I was in my element snapping away  :)

As the light started to change and fade, we headed back to our car, but I found myself already missing the charm of this small village.  If you find yourself in Provence, I hope you will check out Eygalieres, it remains one of my favorite spots in Provence.

Hope you enjoy a beautiful day ~