Friday, October 5, 2012

Monet's Garden

Good morning!

I'm a little bit late with my post this morning, so I will just jump right in...

I am switching gears from my first week in France, in Provence with my husband, to my second week, which was in the Normandy area with my dear friend Jeanne.  I know, I'm crazy lucky, incredibly blessed, and, trust me, extremely grateful that I get to go on trips like these!!

The weather while in Normandy was considerably cooler than it was the week before in Provence...mid-60's most of the week...and it was misting out {and sometimes downright raining} the day we headed to Giverny.  However, despite the weather, Monet's home and gardens remain one of the absolute highlights of my trip!

And having Jeanne as my travel partner was just about as good as it could possibly get!  Can I just say that I laughed more in that week with Jeanne than I have in the last 10 years combined!!!  Seriously, she is just so darn fun to be with :)  And when you travel with someone like that, any little thing that goes wrong {oh the stories!} just don't matter...everything made us laugh and we ALWAYS had a good time!

Despite the rainy, dreary day, and thanks to the fact that I took most of my images for HDR processing, I was able to get a few good shots of this gorgeous place...and the rain actually helped to keep the crowds at bay while we were in this little slice of heaven...

I was a wee bit obsessed with these spectacular flowers...

Have a wonderful weekend ~