Monday, October 29, 2012

Peony and Sage

Hello and Happy Monday!

Today I thought I would share some of the images I have taken for Peony & Sage, a UK based fabric company!

Kimberley Bell contacted me a few months ago and kindly asked if I would be interested in shooting some product shots for her fabulous line of vintage and French inspired linen fabrics...I said yes right away!!!  Her fabrics are truly beautiful!  They mix wonderfully with what I already have and I am so thrilled to include them in my home decor mix!!

To check out her complete line of linen fabrics, please go *HERE*

...Kimberley has a beautiful gallery of photos for inspiration on how to use her gorgeous fabrics on her website!!!

You can find Peony & Sage here...

Enjoy your day ~


Friday, October 26, 2012

Colored Glass and a little Autumn Crafting

Good morning!

I am a little late in getting this post up because last night I went to write and schedule my post and I wound up with a computer virus :(  It took me hours to undo it and by the time I was done I needed to step away from the computer for fear I might just lose my mind otherwise :))

I gave you a sneak peek of each of the other hosts for Creatively Made Home, but I didn't really talk about my own contribution to the I thought I would give you a peek at one of the 10 projects I teach in the course.

These lovely colored glass bottles are a little hard to capture on camera but they are so pretty for this time of year...

I picked some lovely dried prairie flowers on my walk the other day and thought they looked pretty with the colored glass bottles

I have been wanting to do more fall decorating but I have been so busy with the shop, the kids' activities, and the e-course, but I managed to put out some candles and spruce them up a little for the season...

as the weather turns colder and the days get darker earlier, I always like to have more candles around the house...and this little candle spruce up couldn't be any easier...

just take a pressed leaf and instead of using jute twine or string to attach the leaf to the candle, use a decorative pin...just use some wire cutters and cut the pin down first...super simple and you get to see the leaf better than if you wrapped twine around it!

Have a lovely weekend ~


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Inspired By Autumn

Good morning!

Today I have images of a simple table setting for two inspired by the beauty of a Midwest fall.

I shot these pictures about a week and a half ago, in this pretty little spot just down the street from my home...

It is one of my favorite spots to go to take photos of the kids or even product shots.

I wanted to do something simple but capture this lovely place and the beauty of the changing seasons at this time of year.

The vintage blue folding chairs were a great little find from the flea market earlier this summer.

I use pressed leaves for a lot of projects...

you can easily press and dry any kind of leaves by freshly picking your favorite kind and then placing them between the pages of an old book {a telephone book works really well} and then stacking a few more heavy books on top of that.  Leave them for about a week and you are all set.  This way the leaves will retain most of their color and will stay relatively flat.

Once the leaves are dried you can stamp words or names on them for a special addition to your Autumn table setting {wonderful for Thanksgiving too}!

Wishing you all a very happy day ~


It's not too late to sign up for Creatively Made Home!

***All those who have signed up for Creatively Made Home will receive an easy entertaining e-book at the end of the course, with recipes, entertaining ideas, and table setting inspiration!!

p.s.  I am running a 3 day only special in the SHOP...all vintage French bottles are on sale!  Head to the Flea Market Finds section of the shop to check it out.  I often run weekly specials for the shop but usually only announce them on my French Larkspur Facebook page, so be sure to check there often!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The last sneak peek... Tomorrow is the big day!

Yes, tomorrow is the big day...the first day of Creatively Made Home!!!  We are all so excited and getting more excited by the minute :))

Today's sneak peek is of the fabulously talented Jeanne Oliver!  The Creatively Made brand and the idea behind this e-course are all Jeanne's!!  She is not only one of my best friends, but she just happens to be the hardest worker I know!  And she has some very amazing things planned for all of you who join in on our new online course!!

Here is a peek at what Jeanne is contributing to Creatively Made Home...

Jeanne will talk about:
*Her personal journey with her home and family
*Her design influences
*How she found her own style and how she began incorporating it
*Share favorite recipes and photos of her home
*Have a live, online discussion with members of the course to ask whatever they wish about her style, home, passions.
*Share 10 project videos in different areas that are true to how she incorporates her creativity and passions in everyday living.

A peek into Jeanne's project videos…
She will show step by step directions on how you can alter your own lamp shades and make little changes (for next to nothing) that will make a huge difference in your rooms.

She will also show you all the ways in her home that she has incorporated the vintage linens she loves so much. There isn't a room that she hasn't found a way to use them or put them on display!

Jeanne loves decorating with old family photos and one of her most precious possession is the vintage silhouette of her late father in law when he was a little boy.  She can’t wait to show you how you can make your own silhouettes and how to even incorporate them into gifts for your families.

 Jeanne will teach you how to make your own natural cleaning projects (you probably already have everything you need in your pantry).

If you would like to sign up for Creatively Made Home, there is still time!  Please go *HERE* to register.

Join the hundreds of women from around the world already signed up!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)


Monday, October 15, 2012

CMH, Burlap Grain Sacks, and More!

Hello friends!

I can't believe it is only one week until Creatively Made Home begins!!!  I am so excited!  We have all worked so hard on this e-course and it will be so nice to finely get it underway :)

I have added some more new items to the Shop and wanted to share them with you...

more zinc letter stencils...these are going fast!

Thank you for stopping by!!

:) Tracey

Friday, October 12, 2012

Modern Antiquity

I have another sneak peek today of one of the hosts of Creatively Made Home...the very talented Sara Duckett of Sadie Olive.  Many of you in blogland know Sara for her wonderful design work.  She helped me design my website and blog when I first got started and has continued to help me tweak things along the way!

Sara is not only a talented photographer, but she knows all the ins and outs of web design, html, Photoshop, and all of that other complicated computer stuff :))  She will be sharing tips on how to take better photos and then follow it up with her favorite editing tricks and techniques!!

Sara will be contributing 10 project videos to Creatively Made Home, just like all of us, but I think my two favorites are...

Sara will show you how to take an image in Photoshop and create your own images to transfer to pillows, purses, faux grain sacks…whatever you can imagine.
{She will also give you an image that she has created to use in your own projects}

Sara loves vintage fabrics like many of us and loves to incorporate them into her daily life.
She created a gorgeous bumper for her baby made out of vintage fabrics and she will share all the little details.

You can see more photos from Sara's home, as well as, get home tours of all of the hosts of Creatively Made Home, when the e-course starts on October 22nd!

If you would like to join us for Creatively Made Home, please go *HERE* to sign up!

Have a wonderful day!!!


p.s.  We are now back in stock on the new Jeanne d' Arc Living Christmas book, "A Touch of France"