Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Back from Paris and our Advent calendar

Bonjour!  I have been in Paris!  I was lucky enough to tag along with my husband on a business trip.  I can not even express how exciting it was for me to be able to experience Paris at Christmastime!!!  

Before we left for Paris, I made an Advent calendar for the kids.  I found the cutest little Kraft paper bags on Etsy and decided to use those to create our Advent calendar.

We did a similar Advent calendar last year and it was a big hit...I filled the bags with a small treat for the kids every day and my husband and I also took turns writing the kids a note of love and encouragement, telling them how proud we were of various different things they have done.  I like to use the Christmas season to remind the kids of Jesus' love for us and that we need to speak more kindly to one another and treat each other the way He would want us to.  So the Advent calendar is a nice blend of fun for the kids and a way to remind them to remember the reason for the season!


Friday, November 1, 2013

And so it begins...

Is it too early to start showing you Christmas decor??!

I know I'm already looking for Christmas inspiration for my I thought maybe it was okay to start sharing Christmas ideas here on the blog :)

These photos are some of the ones that I took over the summer for Casa Chic's Christmas special magazine, Gli Speciali di Casa Chic, that will be published in Italy and France.

I like to keep my Christmas decor fairly simple and I love using as many natural elements as possible!  However, it was summer and about 90 degrees when I shot this, so I had to make do a little :))

I recycled some old ideas and threw in a few new ones for this photo shoot.  I am definitely using more red this year with all of our first floor hardwood being painted grey now...I just love red and grey together...throw in a bunch of white too and I'm a happy girl!

Yesterday, as the trick-or-treaters came to our door, I had to laugh when more than a few said, "oh there's a lot of white in there," as they peeked through our front door!  What can I say, I still love white...

{thank you mom for letting me cut these pretty berry branches from your bush, they were just the touch I was looking for!}

My rosemary did so well this year and is still going strong, so you will probably see lots of it in photos the coming weeks :)

I have been a little bit obsessed with these 4 inch paper doilies this year!  I used them here as snowflakes on my bare branches...

I added a little sparkle to the table setting as the room grew darker...

Okay, that is probably more than enough photos for now! :)

I did add some new items to the SHOP and will add a few more over the weekend, if you want to take a peek...

Bon week-end mes amis!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thank you midwest living magazine and a little catching up!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, filled with family, friends, and lots of joy!  The break did me good and I feel grateful to have had the extra time to just focus on family and the true reason for the season.

{a rare picture of me :)) }

Last June, I mentioned that Midwest Living Magazine was here for a 3 day photo shoot of my home.  It was a truly wonderful experience and now the issue is available and I am so thrilled with how it turned out!!

Carol Schalla was a delight to work with, and Kim Cornelison is an unbelievably talented photographer!!!  A huge thank you to both of them for working so hard to make my home feature look so beautiful!

*All photos of my home shown in this post are courtesy of Midwest Living and were taken by Kim Cornelison*

Here is a sampling of the photos featured...the full article and all of the photos can be viewed on the Midwest Living website *HERE*

Have a lovely evening and thank you so much for stopping by ~