Monday, January 14, 2013


Hello Monday!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!

Today's topic is collecting...

I'm curious, what is your current collecting obsession???

I seem to be obsessed with these latte bowls from Anthropologie lately :)

My sweet 11-year-old bought all of us a Christmas present this year {with her own money!}, and she picked out some of the mini latte bowls for me, in the new pale blue color...LOVE!

I liked them so much, I went to the store after Christmas and bought some more for myself :)

I guess I gravitate toward collecting everyday type items...usually vintage, but not always...ironstone dishes, wooden spoons, vintage white pitchers and creamers, French linens...well, you get the picture :))

And having stacks {and stacks} of whatever I'm currently collecting,  simply makes me happy.  I know there are lots of you out there who know what I mean!

So...what are you currently collecting, I'd love to know??!!

Have a great Monday!