Friday, February 15, 2013

Finally a peek at the new floors... and a painted floor "how to"

Hello!  I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

Well, it's taken a wee bit longer than I had anticipated, but we are finally all done painting our hardwood floors.  Our entire first floor is now a lovely pale grey.  I am extremely happy with how it turned out!!!

I have received so many questions about the whole process that I thought I would put a little "how to" together for anyone that might be interested in painting their floors {see the end of this post}.

We chose to do our project in 2 phases, so that we could actually live in our home while it was all going on.  And I was fortunate enough to take a quick 4 day getaway with my best friend, Natasha, to Phoenix for a little sun, fun, and r&r in between phase one and two!!  So, all in all, the project went quite smoothly!

With the change in the floors, I have found myself moving things all over the place, from room to room.  You know how it goes, one change creates a ripple effect :)

For now, the salvaged wood shelving unit that Steve made for my studio is now serving as a kind of restaurant inspired island...until I can find what I am looking for at the flea market.  I have to admit, we are all rather liking it for now :))

I would have taken more photos, but there was still furniture piled up everywhere the day I took these  photos and I had to use creative angles to avoid the mess!

Here is a look at the foyer leading into the family room, before we put the furniture back...

The low down on painted floors...

~ First you will need to completely clear the room of everything

~ It is probably best to take the trim {or the quarter round if you have it} off before starting your painting project, but we chose to just tape it off just before priming

~ We rented a large floor sander from Home Depot to "rough up" our existing hardwood floor a bit {about $40 for 4 hours}.  You do not need to sand the finish off, just a slow onetime pass over with 150 grit sandpaper did the trick {you have to buy the large "sandpaper" sheets that fit the machine}

~ The sanding creates a messy layer of fine white dust that needs to be completely cleaned off of the floor before painting.  I vacuumed the floor with my brush attachment, then used my microfiber dust mop and then we had to wash the floor twice to completely get all of the dust off!  I used hot water with a touch of vinegar for washing the floors.

~ We let the floors dry overnight

~ Next you will need to use a good primer to help the paint to stick.  We used Lowe's Valspar brand latex bonding primer.  It is a great primer for glossier surfaces like cabinets and floors.  Cut in the perimeter of the room and then roll the rest of the floor out.  Use a foam roller for the smoothest look {nothing with a nap to it}...we used a 6 inch foam roller.  

~ We primed the floor in the morning and then let it dry for about 6 hours and then applied the first coat of paint.  Paint the floors as you would walls, rolling it out evenly, working in a relatively small area, and overlapping as you move along.  Allow the first coat to dry overnight.  The color we used was Lowe's Valspar brand latex floor and porch paint in New Concrete.  Like all grey, it looks darker at night and much lighter when the sun is shining in the room, but in general, it is a pale grey color.

~ The next day, cut in the perimeter of the room again and roll on a second coat of paint.  Two coats should do it.  We did not put a sealer over the paint.  By the next day, you will be able to walk on the floor, but wait an additional 2 days before moving furniture back into the room.  Remember that latex paint really takes about 6 weeks to completely dry, so don't drag any furniture across the floor at this point.

Some tips:

~ Painted floors are not for those who want a perfect look.  It takes a bit more maintenance than stained hardwood, as it will show dirt and scuff marks more readily.  Grey is more forgiving in this area than a white painted floor {which we have in my son's room}, so that is why we went with the grey {I do love white floors though!}.

~ Black socks can actually leave some dye behind and make "dirty marks" on your floor, odd but true!

~ Use a hand sander for tight spaces like bathrooms as the floor sander is quite large

~ Painting your floors will bring out the imperfections, like gaps in the floor boards, nicks and deeper scratches.  They show up more noticeably with the paint.  I happen to like that about painted floors, but again, if you want a perfect look, painted floors may not be for you

Well, I think that about covers it!!!  Let me know if you have any additional questions!


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Have a great weekend!  I will be back with lots more pictures next week :))


{p.s.  you can find me posting a bit more often on my French Larkspur Facebook page, come and visit me there!}


Mariaelena said...

It's beyond gorgeous!...enjoy your beautiful space...

Shabby soul said...

Tracy, it turned absolutely beautiful, so bright! I love the point of gray you choose.
Wait to see some more pics =) Have a nice day!

Pam said...

tracey i LOVE your floors! and your kitchen shelving! :)

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...


Looks fabulous- what a lot of work, whew - you must be in heaven for how it turned out.

Well done, Tracey!

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

I LOVE it!! If only the hubby would go for this!!! Dreaming......
xo~ Cheryl

Alabaster Rose Lifestyle said...

It looks just lovely Tracey!! And I adore the last photo of your home, it looks like an elegant ballroom with all of the furniture moved out. :)
Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

I LOVE your painted floors. Someday I hope to have some painted floors :)

Anne said...

Beautiful!I would LOVE to do this!Just don't know how we would move all of our BIG furniture pieces to do it!
Thank you for sharing your lovely home!So inspirational!

Cindy said...

This was the PERFECT post for me to read right now. I am thinking about pulling up the old carpet in my bedroom and painting the plywood floor. It is not hardwood, but it is better to me than nasty wrinkled carpet. So, thanks for the tips on the best paint to use. And, I, like you, don't mind the imperfections one little bit!


Antonella Cannavò said...

lovely white!

Beach House Living said...

Truly lovely. Thanks for the painting tips.

Julia said...

I love what you done! This is absolutely gorgeous!

Burlap Luxe said...

Amazing amount of grace you have breathed into your home. I so want to paint wood floors for my home.
I cannot wait to see picks when you have the rooms filled with your beauty of ructic-ness!
What a job and I am sure now that it is over you are so happy with the results. Enjoy your home Tracey.

Happy days ahead enjoying your floors.


cndesigns said...

Well I totally LOVE your painted floors! But being a new subscriber to your blog,I probably missed the reason you painted the hardwood(?) I see no reason not to paint hardwood if that's the look you like :-) Some people disagree; I love painted floors.

I painted our vinyl kitchen and bathroom floors in our former home and loved them! Not the same look as painted hardwood, but lovely just the same because the vinyl had some texture to it that showed up through the paint.

Heaven's Walk said...

It is just magnificent, Tracey! I'll bet that it makes the rooms look even bigger, doesn't it? Is everybody required to take off their shoes when they walk in now?? :)

I would really love to pull up the carpeting (yep...carpeting...blech!) in my bathroom and paint the wood floors we know are under there. I pinned your post so that I could replicate the look. Thank you so much for the tips!

xoxo laurie

{oc cottage} said...

looks so awesome!!!

m ^..^

Becky C said...

It's gorgeous, Tracey. I can not wait to see the finished rooms. Looks amazing so far.

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Your home is so beautiful! Received the JDL Easter book that my hubby bought for me through your site! It was a lovely surprise!!! Have a nice day!!!


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