Friday, March 15, 2013

Jeanne d' Arc and More

Hello friends!

How is your week going?  I am very ready for the weekend myself  :)  

It has been so busy around here lately...just getting ready for Easter and our upcoming trip to France and the usual every day hustle and bustle   I will be watching my two-year-old niece over spring break {yep, plus my three!}, but then shortly thereafter, Steve and I will be enjoying 8 days in Provence and 3 days in Paris!!!  I am literally counting down the days :))

I have made a big push this year to try and begin learning French!  Finally!!  And I am really loving the online course I am using, called Language 101.  If you are interested in learning French, I definitely would recommend it {they offer other languages as well}.  You can even try a French lesson for free on their site, to see if you like the style of teaching they use!!

I also signed myself up for my very first photography workshop, which starts next weekend.  I can't tell you how excited I am to be taking this workshop!!!  It is hosted by Rocky Mountain School of Photography and they are offering workshops all over the country in the months to come!  Check their website for a list of dates and locations for "Photo Weekends" in your area.

I am hosting Easter this year, so I need to get into planning mode for that as well!  All in all, it just seems so busy around here lately, so my blogging has kind of gone down hill, sorry about that!  I had hoped to share the rest of my photos from our trip to the Cote d'Azur last November, but unfortunately when my computer crashed last December, I lost all of those photos and we have not been able to recover them {I actually cried about this, I was so disappointed...lesson learned, back up files immediately, don't wait!!!}.  I will just have to take that many more on this next trip :))

Well I think I rambled on for long enough :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!

All photos in this post courtesy of Jeanne d' Arc Living