Monday, August 19, 2013

lavender and shea butter soaps

Hello my friends!  

I hope your Monday is off to a wonderful start!!  Warm weather has finally returned to the Midwest after a strangely cool summer {poor kids kind of got "jipped" on the summer weather!}.

I am working on new items for the shop today, but wanted to pop in and let you know about the new French Larkspur brand lavender and shea butter soaps I am now carrying!

I have actually been looking for the perfect lavender soap for the shop for a few years now.  And when I found a soap maker earlier this summer, that made the perfect lavender soap, I asked her if she would make a private label soap for me...and happily she said yes!!!

These soaps are soothing, gentle, and very moisturizing.  They are 100% natural and scented only with lavender essential oil and nothing artificial.  I have been using these soaps all summer and am in love with them!  And I am so pleased that they are now ready for the shop and in stock.  They also happen to make a truly lovely gift!

My helper for this photo shoot, was my 11 year-old-daughter, thank you to my sweet girl!  Halena is always my biggest helper and I can hardly believe that she is off to middle school this year!

Lavender and Shea Butter Soaps *HERE*

Have a lovely day!


{p.s. dress by Jeanne Oliver Designs, past collection}


Larissa said...

Your soap line looks fabulous - congratulations!! I love your daughter's name, that was my grandmother's name too! We named our daughter Elena because we loved Halena so much, but our last name starts with an "H" and it didn't sound right together. :o)

Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces

Sandi said...

Congrats on your new soap line Tracey!! It looks fabulous and I am sure it is. Your daughter is beautiful. I can't get my little grands to cooperate much anymore when it comes to picture taking...:( Have a wonderful day!

Mor Inger`s hus said...

Congratulation - lavendel soap is my favorit:)

Pura Vida said...

one of these days when I get my bees back...I'm going to lure them lavender for sure!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh YAY going to go check them out!

As for your daughter, Tracey - she is absolutely lovely, so natural and fresh and beautiful. What a GREAT model!

Best of luck on soap sales - they're great stocking stuffers for those who shop early for the holidays!

Ido said...

Love handmade natural soap, lavender is my favorite, best of luck with your line. Just be careful, IMHO lavender essential oil fades pretty easily and the soaps end smelling like nothing, you need to anchor the essential oil with an artificial lavender scent and the soaps wouldn't be 100% natural, experience speaking :), anyway, I wish your soaps sell like crazy!
Have a very nice day!

s.duane said...

they look lovely, how exciting! congrats! susan

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Congratulations Tracey...Wow... and your daughter looks so sweet!


Alabaster Rose Lifestyle said...

This is awesome Tracey!! So excited for your new soap line!! I just ordered some and I can't wait to get it!!
Your daughter's are absolutely beautiful!!
Hope you have a lovely day.

vicki archer said...

The new soap line looks fab...such pretty labelling! and how gorgeous your daughter Halena is!...xv

Beach House Living said...

The soaps look wonderful!

Tricia said...

Oh Tracey, your daughter is such a beauty! I love that dress that she's wearing. Your new soap line sounds wonderful! I LOVE the packaging. Hope you have a warm and sunny weekend :) xo

Kristy Gardner said...

i adore adore ADORE lavender. your soaps are just beautiful!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh Halena is another beauty!! Love the look of your new it does really well..are you still off to France next month? Been working so much have not had much time for summer shopping...oh and would you believe I STILL don't have my August issue of JDL....crazy or what!!!! Looking forward to your fall posts..x0x0

Sara Bagés said...


Mystica said...

The soaps look absolutely gorgeous.

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

I love lavender soap - your label is just delightfully lovely!
And your daughter is beautiful!

Maison Beldecor said...

Hello dear Tracey,
what a sweet helper you have... the lavender soaps looks sooo lovely - I guess that it smells so good as well as it looks!
Take care, Bine

Anka said...

un très jolie suis émerveillée..bravo