Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy June and some lilacs!

Happy June!

Just popping in to wish you a lovely new week!  And, to share just a couple of lilac photos :)

The bush in our yard, that I picked these from always blooms later than the other lilacs, and it is such a treat to be able to get a second round of blooms!

I have been very busy trying to get caught up on my gardening, but I will be taking some more product shots this week, and will have more new {vintage} French items in the shop next week!  Including some of the gorgeous hemp sheets seen in the first photo, and the mini antique French books above.

Wishing you all a wonderful day! 



Burlap Luxe said...

Always beauty that inspires a French heart over here.
Your sweet lavender bottles look great with the clippings of lilacs your garden in bloom must be beautiful and it's timing is perfect one bloom after another.

Love the sheets will be checking back in on you for more sheet posted.

Beautiful June to you as well.


Méa Strauß said...

Oh, they are so wonderful, all this shades of Lilac, never unique, my favourite colors to my whites and greys. Your camera and you made a perfect team, the comination with your collection of lavender bottles, hmmmm :)). So beautyful. Here in Germany, they are long gone, I have two bushes beneath my little balcony...
Have a wonderful day, greetings from Méa

Des guirlandes said...

very, very nice.
I love your blog
Barry (a girl) from the Netherlands

Darrielle Tennenbaum said...

Love the flowers! Great pictures!

Jennelise said...

Beautiful! I just love lilacs! There was a tree in my backyard growing up and I miss the smell so much!

Kelly Kardos said...

Tracey-all I can do is swoon!!

I Dream Of said...

Tracey, Our lilacs are finished, so I'm so happy to see yours here! It's like hitting the rewind button on spring. Thanks for the loveliness!

Priyanka Kanagaraj said...

Such a pleasant blog . Always makes me feel light every time I read one of your blog posts . Pretty lilacs :)

The Good Life | Healthy Living said...

Beautiful. I was at my future mother-in-law'a last week and her lilac bushes are blooming! Love the scent!

Marikki said...

Happy June, dear Tracey!!

Thank you for your allways beautiful photos!!♥

vitadrömmarobusigabarn said...

Lovely pictures
Hugs Tina

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

Lovely! I love all your photos so much :)

Art and Sand said...

gorgeous flowers . . . gorgeous photos . . . gorgeous staging!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Always beautiful Photos over here!

Seawashed Kerrie said...

So lovely. I like your french white mirror too.

laura Madalene said...

You have a done a lovely painting job! What a pretty and cheerful color you've chosen. Well done dear! Have a wonderful weekend!

Burlap Luxe said...

Loved your latest magazine feature in ( Flea Market Style)
Your home and feature was fabulous!

Just wanted to return to let you know I picked up a copy at our local book store and to my surprise you were in it.
Congrats on another beautiful feature.

Beautiful June to you and yours.

Fågel Blå said...

This is so beautiful
Love this photos
Hugs Kathirne

La Petite Gallery said...

There is nothing better than the smell of Lilacs in the air.
I am driving with my car windows open.. yvonne

Rosy Villa said...

Hello there!
I just came across yor lovely blog. I just fell in love with all your photos, absoloutley beautiful! Consider me your newest follower :)

Happy June
-Rosy @ A Joyful Kind of Life

Ahsan Afsar said...

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Rosalinchen said...

So lovely !
Hugs Bianca
Verträumtes Stadthaus

The Little Red Shop said...

I hope you're having a beautiful week, Tracey!

Julie M.

1871Farmhouse said...


flowers on my table said...

Tracey, you are so lucky to have a lilac tree in your yard. I have one on my wish list. I love them so much. I think I would have difficulty in deciding whether to have white, lilac or that lovely purple one. Perhaps I really need all three!
As usual your photos are wonderful, and I love what you've done with that zinc container, so effective.Have a happy weekend, love Linda x

Burlap Luxe said...

Ok Tracey,
I am starting to miss some Frenchness over here!
No pressure, but would really enjoy a little new post of your beauty and inspiration.
Just checking in to she how you are doing and what you have been up to?

Enjoy your weekend and all it inspires.



Carolina Elizabeth said...

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La Petite Gallery said...

Had to stop over, you always have a great post. Have a beautiful weekend yvonne

La Petite Gallery said...

I love them in fact I have to trim mine back today. Well Summer has one more month in Maine, sure went fast.

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Happy weekend!

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